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Featured in the San Diego Magazine, Asti Ristorante has been known as the Best Italian Restaurants in San Diego. Featuring an all Italian menu lineup, Asti provides an in-depth Italian Experience. From the gleaming white tablecloths to the warm ambiance, all the way to the patio seating. Our menu provides a decadent flavor profile to all who come, from the seasoned Italian diners to the little ones dying for a yummy meal.

San Diego Italian Restaurant

Located in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter, Asti Ristorante has been a San Diego native since 1994. We’ve gained thousands of great relationships through the experience we provide.

Over the years we’ve perfected our craft and developed a diverse menu for even the most challenging pallettes. Our extensive flavor profile appeals to all walks of life, from the seasoned Italian Diners to the little ones dying for a yummy meal, we provide an experience of a lifetime.

Gaslamp Quarter

Asti Ristorante is located in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter. Located in San Diego, The Gaslamp Quarter is a historical neighborhood in Downtown San Diego, and consists of a sea of restaurants, and party venues. The Gaslamp is also home to “Mardi Gras in the Gaslamp” every year, with so many events going on in the Gaslamp quarter, it can be difficult on making the correct choice. We also offer an incredible private dining San Diego experience.

The Gaslamp Quarter is actually listed on the National Register of Historical Places as “Gaslamp quarter Historic District”. So it only makes sense to choose Asti Ristorante to enjoy an old-fashioned Italian experience.The true development of the Gaslamp began in 1867. At first, the location was simply developed in hopes of starting a new city closer to the bay, however, the Gaslamp District has evolved into something much more special.

Asti Ristorante is smack in the middle of 94 historic buildings spread throughout the Gaslamp District. These buildings were initially created as early Victorians, and are now being used today for a variety of services.

San Diego Skyline

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A Brief Explanation of Old Town San Diego History

The birthplace of California aka Old Town San Diego. In 1769 Father Junipero Serra selected San Diego as the site of the original California-based Spanish Settlement. Father Serra created 21 missions in total. Each mission was considered the cornerstone of the colonization of California. The original mission and residence of Father Junipero Serra was developed in a hilly valley, overlooking what is now considered “Old Town San Diego”.

Some years later, the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation created Old Town State Historic park, in an attempt to secure the culture and atmosphere that once defined San Diego during the years between 1821-1872.

San Diego Italian Restaurant – Italian Cuisine Explained

The natural habits of non-Italians is to think of Italian cooking only as a couple signature meals, such as pizza or pasta. We hear many people express their mindset on Italian cuisine and ask tons of questions, including “What San Diego Italian Restaurant has the best pasta near me?”.

The answer to this questions is simple, Italian restaurants consist of much more than a few popular dishes. Our menus span the flavor profiles of thousands of people, including meals that delight all walks of life. Most people do not realize just how different Italian food can be, even directly in Italy. Each city is known for a specific dish and prepares each dish with a different strategy and goal in mind. Not only does each city have its own signature method, each city and each community has developed an entirely different way of preparation.

All of this information making you hungry? Be sure to visit Italian Food Forever for some amazing at-home recipes. If you’d rather focus more on the dining experience and less on the creation you can come in and let the professionals handle the rest!

san diego italian restaurant
San Diego Italian Restaurant

San Diego Italian Restaurant – History of Early California Cuisine

The geography of Californias eco-system aided in the thriving pre-Asti culture. This, combined with methods developed early on by native Californian tribes contributed to largest population density in the Americas. The vast population of deer, small game, fish, berries, and edible plants all provided the ideal atmosphere for population growth in early California. Thus setting the stage for Asti Ristorante to be the finest San Diego Italian Restaurant.