growing up in an italian home

Growing Up in an Italian Home – 25 Signs

Growing Up in an Italian Home

It get’s better, we give you 25 Italian Values That You Can Definitely Relate To.

growing up in an italian home

 25 Signs of Growing Up in an Italian Home

1.  By the age of 15, you were taller than your mother

2. You and 36 of your relatives share the same common Italian first name.

9 Joey’s 10 Maria’s and 6 dogs named “Bianca”

3.  A part of you wanted to silently leave family parties without telling anyone because actually saying goodbye to everyone took about 30 minutes

4.  You give any of your friends who are coming over for dinner the disclaimer: Listen, if you don’t eat my nonna’s food it will be a very bad situation.  Trust me.  You have to eat everything on the plate

5.  Whether you call it gravy or sauce, you always, always dip your bread in the leftovers

6.  Even if there was no formal occasion, your grandparents were always giving you money as a kid

7.  Signs you grew up Italian American – When coming across a container in the fridge, you rolled the dice as to whether it had olives in it, or leftovers

8. Growing up in an Italian Home, there is always that one family member that you can count on to always wear black, no matter the occasion

9. When you’re a dinner guest at a non-Italian person’s house, no matter what they are serving, you ask, “Did you forget the bread?  I don’t see any on the table.”

10. Everyone in your family is extremely Catholic and there are crosses everywhere at all times when growing up in an Italian Home

11.  You will spend hours or days making a batch of gravy/sauce.  Anyone who uses store- bought from a jar is shunned

12.  You drank wine with dinner before you were 13 years old

13. When learning the food pyramid as a kid, you wondered why pasta wasn’t it’s own food group since you ate it at basically every meal

14. One or more people in your family have furniture still wrapped in that awful plastic and everyone knows they will never take it off

15. Any friends you met who were also Italian were immediately considered family at your house

16. You and your family have never gone to an Olive Garden; you’re afraid you may burst into flames if you do

17. Just about every household in your family had the selection of towels that you were never allowed to use; no matter what-every person growing up in an Italian Home

18. There was never anything close to an indoor voice in your house; when you went over to non-Italian friends’ houses you always asked, “Why is it so quiet?”

19. Those moments when… you don’t think you could possibly eat another bite; then grandma brings out the cannolis and you find a way

20. You pronounce certain foods in a distinct way and any fellow Italian who does not pronounce it this way is a fraud.  It’s galamad, not calamari

21. The cookies in the tin will always make an appearance; even if they are from 1982

22. You have the same name as most of your relatives, and so does your sister.  9 Joey’s 10 Maria’s and 6 dogs named “Bianca”

23.  As we’ve touched on already: is it gravy or is it sauce?  No one really knows for sure which one is the official “correct” name.  But one thing is for sure: blood will be shed over the argument

24. You don’t know what it feels like to be “hungry”.  The feeling is something that is foreign to you

25. One of the first words you learned was: stunata or stunat

26. Pastina makes you feel nostalgic; like you are a little kid, cozy at Nonna’s again

27.  You have no grasp on what “one serving” is; when you go to a friends house and see them eat only one small serving, you ask “Whatsamatta? You not hungry?”

28.  After the holidays you have about 4 unopened Pannetone loaves you got as gifts

29. Even if you don’t really speak Italian, you know every curse word there is

30. There simply is no way to communicate if you can’t use big, exaggerated gestures

31. Emril is good and Bobby Flay is alright, but it is a fact that there is no better cook on earth than your nonna

25 Signs Of Growing Up Italian – Asti Ristorante

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